At Novolog we are diligent about continual improvement through use of the

Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle.  It is a given in the organization that Quality means meeting all the requirements all the time and therefore the requirements must be defined.

The Quality System in the company was founded to ensure continual improvement and control.  We invest  resources in:

Characterizing requirements

Defining requirements

Meeting and implementing requirements

Checking the implementation including monitoring processes, Change Control processes, collecting and analyzing data and trends and management reviews.

Novolog’s quality system is ISO 9001 certified.  Executive management is committed to providing the resources and leading by personal example to demonstrate their dedication to an effective quality system.

The Quality Department is responsible for founding the system, for monitoring and reporting to management

GMP/ GDP requirements are a central part of the quality system and are expressed in SOPs, training and education as well as in oversight, auditing and system implementation.

Novolog’s quality system is a mainstay of the organization and is perceived by members of management as a critical, strategic tool for the prosperity and future growth of the company.