Supply Chain

Import Services | Inventory | Pick & Pack | Track & Trace | Technology

Novolog provides Comprehensive End 2 End Services across the entire supply chain of Pharmacuticals and Medical Devices

Novolog is proud to serve domestic and multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies operating in Israel.

As a  logistical partner, Novolog sets a new standards for

  • effective supply chain management
  • quality assurance
  • complete customer service experience

The state of the art facility features automated picking and packing systems and unique on-line temperature and humidity management tools.

Logistics–Close to the Heart

Housed in the center of Israel, close to the country's main international airport and within easy reach of major cities, Novolog is strategically positioned to offer its clients the expertise required to operate effectively in today's increasingly competitive market.

Novolog's complete supply chain services include:


Import Services

Novolog offers its customers a complete range of shipping, customs clearance, MOH certification and delivery services.

As a result of our long experience working with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Novolog has developed a high degree of flexibility and is capable of providing customers with the exact services they require (ex-Works, FOB, CIF, and others.). With online tracking and a dedicated professional staff, Novolog ensures on-time import services, featuring advanced rolling, forecasting and stock management systems, as well as integrated overseas ordering.


Inventory Services

Highly professional expertise following the highest international standards of GxP


  • Over 6M items delivered nationwide each month
  • More than 3,000 active customers each month
  • In excess of 450,000 medical and medical device orderliness each month
  • Over 130,000 parcels distributed each month

 Our accurate inventory management is reflected to our strategic partners via high percentage of inventory accuracy based on advances processes and managed by our  professional team.



Pick & Pack

Working with the latest technology, Novolog is fully capable of supplying pharmacies, hospitals, and home care customers

The state of the art facility features automated picking and packing systems, The picking is based on advances algorithm that characterizes every product according to its weight, dimensions and other criteria's in order to assure efficient picking. The process relies on an accurate weight control system

Our advances picking system includes:

  • PTT- Pick to Tote
  • PBL- Pick by light
  • PTM -Pick to Man
  • Fully Automated Picking
  • According to most stringent KPI's
  • Automated weight control system
  • Automated picking system
  • No cross processes -
    One way flow methodology



Track and Trace

Batch Control

  • On line availability of expiration date and batch number
  • Batch storage traceability
  • Accurate and complete recall , mock recall& silent recall services
  • Monitored customer returns
  • Identification of counterfeit products



Innovative Technology

Novolog relies on advanced tools for managing the supply chain that include mobile GPS technology, software and advanced hardware inventory management, as well as web-based software and extensive cloud based technology.

Novolog has implemented advanced picking systems, allowing control of the entire process, where the package weight is part of the general quality control procedure and thus optimizing the picking process. These advanced systems position the company at the forefront in terms of logistics services to pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

These technologies provide the backbone for advanced logistic services that include:

  • Fully computerized logistic processes
  • Handling all types of health products which including:
    • Ambient products
    • Cold chain (15-25°C, 2-8°C) and frozen products (-20°c)
    • Prescription and non-prescription medication
    • Narcotics
    • Cytotoxic,
    • OTC (over the counter)
    • VMS (vitamins, mineral & dietary supplements)
    • Medical devices
    • And more…
  • Automatic picking and packing machines for both ambient and cold environments
  • On-line tracking of delivery, providing proof of delivery
  • Stock management by batch number and expiration date
  • Online ordering B2B or directly to warehouse picking
  • Advanced control system
  • Development of a digital system for pharmacies that allows 24/7 availability

In designing our cutting-edge facility, Novolog has invested considerable efforts, foreseeing today as well as the future. Integrating state-of-the-art components from all over the world, the system was designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind. Automated picking and packing, automated weight control and packaging optimization are just some of the advantages which position Novolog at the very forefront of the world pharmaceutical and medical devices logistics companies.