Care for Life - Professional nurses service

Highly trained health care personnel, providing range of services for patients and healthcare professionals to enhance drugs compliance and treatment course completion.
The service is performed according to the highest possible standards with uncompromising professionalism, using advanced technologies for optimal tracking, control and reporting.
We are obliged to put our patient needs at the top, therefore our team are well trained, fully dedicated and always comes with a smile.

Trialog – Clinical Trial Logistics

Specializing in logistics for clinical trials, Trialog works with the world's major pharmaceutical and CRO companies that perform clinical trials in Israel. With SOPs based on ICH-GCP guidelines and tailor-made services that use a validated ERP system to meet the specific information requirements for clinical trials, Trialog’s professional staff is familiar with all the highly sensitive aspects of the shipment and maintenance of clinical trial materials and the logistics involved.