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We are a group that dreams about a future that offers far more advanced medicine and healthcare, and we are working hard every day to transform this dream into a reality.

Novolog Group is an Israeli public health Care company. Novolog operates in three segments: providing health logistics services, technology home care services, and providing medical information and technology tools in the digital platform for patients, doctors, and medical institutions.

Companies in the Novolog Group specialize in providing home medical care solutions to improve patient's quality of life, making advanced home medical care services accessible to the widest population as possible, and in the distribution of pharmaceuticals. Novolog Group incorporates many leading brands under one roof and constitutes the largest representative of global and Israeli medical brands.
Novolog is a pioneer in the pharmaceutical distribution sector in Israel and the development of technology-based home care services. Novolog is committed to providing advanced, high-quality products to our partners and to cultivating long-term relationships with our customers based on superior service, trust, and quality.
Novolog maintains a formal network of professional connections that works together to promote health products and health topics to improve and promote legislation in the industry and the supporting business environment.
Our strategic mission is to constantly develop our basket of services that help drive down healthcare costs by making health products and services accessible to end-customers at home while maximizing the synergies with multinational companies and insurance companies.

Companies in Novolog Group

לוגו Mediquip

MediQuip is a medical equipment company that focuses on improving the quality of life and the treatment of end-customers on life support in their homes. MediQuip provides medical devices to healthcare institutions and to patients in their homes, while driving down insurance companies’ healthcare costs. MediQuip represents the leading medical device companies in Israel and globally and invests considerable resources in order to provide breakthrough solutions in the industry.

לוגו Novolog Logistics

Novolog Logistics is a market leader in medical logistics and is a strategic partner of local and international pharmaceutical companies and of medical device companies operating in Israel.

With more than 45 years of experience managing the supply chain of prescription drugs and medical devices, Novolog Logistics has proven capabilities in complying with the stringent international standards. Novolog has two innovative state-of-the-art logistics centers in central Israel with convenient access to the airport and Israel’s major cities, that undergo frequent upgrades to ensure the highest possible standards and maximum efficiency.

לוגו Infomed

Infomed Digital Health specializes in producing and disseminating medical content to the general public and to the medical community, in digital sales promotion and marketing for the medical community, in building and managing digital platforms for physicians and clinics and more.

The company operates the Infomed website, the most professional and veteran medical and health content portal in Israel.

Infomed provides services to the general public, to physicians, medical centers, HMOs, pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions in Israel.

לוגו Medicare

MediCare is an innovative company and the first of its kind in Israel that provides prescription drug logistics and shipping services as part of its strategy of providing services to end-customers directly to their homes – Last Mile. MediCare provides a variety of creative services, including the supply of prescription drugs to patients at home and to hospitalized customers of insurance companies, and ATMs for prescription drugs, which will be installed in pharmacies and throughout the country.

לוגו Trialog

Trialog specializes in providing logistics services to clinical trials and constitutes a strategic partner of pharmaceutical and CRO companies operating in the clinical trial market in Israel.

Trialog provides customized services to ensure that the specific requirements of each clinical trial are fulfilled, as well as pharmaceutical sales services for clinical trials and over capsulation. Trialog’s professional teams are experts in all of the highly sensitive aspects relating to shipping and maintaining clinical trial materials and the logistics involved.

לוגו Target Care

Target Care provides health and medical process management services, specializing in managing systems that are service-intensive, knowledge-intensive and complex processes for leading corporations in the Israeli economy in general and in the insurance sector in particular.

לוגו Mediplast

Mediplast is the leading supplier in Israel of sterilization services for medical and laboratory products using ethylene oxide (ETO) gas. The service constitutes the final stage in the manufacturing process of expendable medical products before they are distributed to medical institutions throughout the world. The unique process includes a stringent quality assurance system meeting the high standards of the international regulatory authorities

לוגו Dor Pharmaceutical Services

Dor Pharmaceutical Services helps pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies and other companies accelerate and streamline launches of their products, improve pharmacovigilance and comply with the registration requirements of the Ministry of Health throughout the product life cycle.

Inter alia, Dor provides drug regulatory affairs services, validation services and registration services for medical devices abroad, while maintaining compliance with Ministry of Health standards and directives and minimizing its customers’ regulatory risks. Customers depend on Dor’s vast experience in regulatory affairs to produce their packaging and advertising materials for them, including localization of leaflets and labels and printing of graphic materials.

Our Customers

Our Vision

To continue developing Novolog’s leading position in the Israeli healthcare sector.
To expand the Group’s basket of services to multinational pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and end-customers.
To identify breakthrough technologies in Israel that help drives down healthcare costs and to make a variety of advanced services accessible to end-customers in their homes – the Last Mile.
To construct a model based on the experience amassed in Israel and to implement it abroad.

Novolog’s Code of Ethics

We at Novolog are committed to creating an ethical work environment that ensures that its employees are treated with integrity, dignity and fairness. Our guiding principles are the principles prescribed in Israel’s Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, which encompass the regulation of hours of work and rest, the prevention of occupational discrimination, the provision of equal opportunities and the prevention of sexual harassment. We relate to our Code of Ethics as a policy, a mindset, a super-procedure and the overarching set of values that governs the company’s activities, its strategy and the decisions of its managers and employees – who are committed to the Code of Ethics and are required to comply with it without exception.

Advanced medicine that is accessible and available to everyone, everywhere in Israel and around the world.