Eran Taus

CEO Group

Has held this office since August 2017. Previously served as CEO of the Chemovil Group. Eran holds a BA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as a BA in Egyptology. Both are from the Hebrew University.

CEO's Office: 08-660-4401

Amir Shahar


Has held this office since August 2020. Previously served as CFO at Mivne group. In his current capacity, Amir responsible for Novolog's finances and for administrative compliance. Amir holds a BA in Computer Science and Accounting from Tel Aviv University and is a Certified Accountant from 2004. 

Assaf Vardi

VP Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Has held this office since December 2017. Previously served as CEO of Caesarea Polymer Industries. In his current capacity Assaf is responsible for the marketing and sales. Assaf holds a BA in economics and business administration.

Sivan Raz


Has held this office since September 2017. Previously served as Human Resources Manager. In her current capacity Sivan is responsible for the human capital Management at Novolog. Sivan has a bachelor's degree in economics in sociology and a master's degree in work studies.

Adit Shroitman


Has held this office since July 2020. Previously served as Head Of Digital Business Services in SAP (Israel) and Global CIO at the Central Bottling Company Group. In her current capacity, she is responsible for the information systems, infrastructure and technological development. Adit holds a BA in Statistics from Tel Aviv University and MBA from Bar Ilan University

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