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History &



Novolog is founded under the name of “Pharm-Abic” and is headed by Mr. Eliezer Puzis. The fledgling company engages in the distribution of pharmaceutical and OTC products and focuses on distribution to the private market. The company establishes its first warehouses and begins offering distribution services to the growing pharmacy sector in the State of Israel


Becomes a Significant Player

Pharm-Abic develops and grows and decides to use its amassed capabilities to enter additional operating segments. The company begins offering advertising and sales services to the private market in Israel and becomes a significant player in the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacy sector in Israel.


International Pharma Companies

Novolog becomes a strategic partner of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Israel and, in a forward-looking strategic move, focuses its activities on prescription medicines. The company begins providing a spectrum of services to international pharma companies and, concurrently, expands its logistics division by establishing spacious warehouses near Petach-Tikva.


Innovative and Automatic

Novolog establishes innovative automated warehouses in the Modi’in Industrial Zone. The new facilities include refrigerated rooms, optimal air-conditioning and temperature-control systems and advanced storage, packing and conveyance systems that ensure maximum protection of product quality and safety of use.


Going Public

Novolog launches an IPO on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and is traded under the ticker NVLG. Novolog also begins providing home healthcare services in the fields of respiratory therapy and sleep therapy.


Logistics, Health and Digital

Novolog changes the face of the healthcare system in Israel. Novolog shifts to a divisional structure and develops products and services in three areas – logistics, healthcare and digital medicine, with the goals of improving healthcare in Israel and preparing it for the challenges of the future.

Grown-ups In Uniform

continuing support of a unit of IDF soldiers with special needs, with the goal of enabling them to benefit from meaningful military service that will help them integrate in society and in the job market

Shekel NPO

Collaboration with the Shekel NPO, whereby people with disabilities are employed at Novolog, integrate in our work teams and make us a better, more equitable and diverse company


Providing support and guidance services to chronic patients


Providing logistical services for clinical trials

Clinical triais

Providing sterilization services to companies that manufacture drugs


Distribution and logistics for international pharmaceutical companies

international companies worldwide