State-of-the-art technologies in medicine

The global battle against the coronavirus crisis accelerated efforts to develop remote medical care, and intensified the understanding that the field of medicine needs advanced digital tools, now more than ever before, to help physicians provide optimal, swift and up-to-date medical care


Harnessing professionalism and innovation to improve the quality of healthcare.

Novolog’s Healthcare Division was established with the goal of adapting the healthcare sector in Israel to the expected future trends, some of which we all began experiencing upon the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic


We provide products and services that improve the lives of thousands of people every day.

Novolog Group is a senior strategic logistics partner of global pharma companies operating in Israel. Novolog uses state-of-the-art technologies to operate a variety of services for these companies

International Health Services

To become a member of a global family of organizations promoting better healthcare services throughout the world

We at Novolog believe that in order to lead in the healthcare services sector, we must continue learning and developing