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People & Culture


For us, ethics is not just a catchword but the strong moral foundation on which we base all of the Group’s activities. Every investment, every employee, every manager, every decision that we make – are all examined in light of our Code of Ethics, which guides us on our path.
Our ethical principles guide us in making responsible investments, in being diligent about employment diversity and our employees’ rights, in investing in data security technologies to safeguard personal and sensitive medical information

Equality &Diversity

At Novolog we believe that everyone has something to offer
Diverse teams cooperate better, provide different perspectives and better present the world in which we live in. An employment diversity policy is essential to building a successful business. We believe that means not only attracting the best and most brilliant talent, but also generally allowing our employees to thrive in an environment that advocates diversity, equality and inclusion towards the other

Our 800 professionals - All dedicated and devoted to our vision and purpose
Our long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients and attentiveness to their needs
Our constantly growing and diverse range of solutions to benefit public health
Our focus on identifying the emerging global trends and developing innovative solutions