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Our Healthcare Division provides comprehensive superior-quality services to private and institutional customers, using innovative technologies that are transforming the healthcare sector in Israel

Home Healthcare Services

In today's world, there is a growing understanding that it is possible and advisable to receive some healthcare services at home and eliminate the need to travel to busy medical centers, wait in long lines and risk infection

This understanding prompted Novolog to establish a professional support system for home healthcare services for customers of HMOs and insurance companies. Our home healthcare segment enables patients to receive excellent healthcare services in their natural environment and to live full lives as comfortably as possible, among family. Additionally, our home healthcare services help alleviate the burdens imposed on the public health system in treating patients with chronic illnesses

Novolog’s home healthcare services include:

  • Home healthcare services for patients on respirators
  • Special pharmacy for medicines not included in the national healthcare services basket
  • Medical support and the provision of specialized medical devices for patients with sleep disorders
  • Operation of services for insurance companies
  • Home hospice care

Personalized Healthcare To Private Customers

Novolog operates a unique center and the first of its kind in Israel offering comprehensive, professional, personal healthcare management

The service is provided by expert physicians who work as a team and constantly monitor a patient’s complete medical status to ensure that the treatment being provided is precise and tailored to the patient’s specific characteristics and medical history

Novolog’s personalized healthcare services include:

  • Personalized healthcare management programs
  • Home healthcare, including house calls by physicians and nurses, and imaging scans
  • Management of complex medical conditions
  • Preventive medicine and personal monitoring
  • The largest and most advanced private Experts Center in Israel specializing in gastroenterology. For more information click here

Private Medical Laboratory

The laboratory, which was founded in 1983, is located in Herzliya and operates branches in private hospitals in Israel

We provide medical laboratory services in the fields of biochemistry, hematology, blood coagulation, hormones, serology (including HIV tests), microbiology, cancer marker tests, new and rare tests and more. We also collaborate with international laboratories and global research programs and comply with stringent quality control standards

The advantages of our private laboratory include:

  • Professionalism – complete chemistry and hematology laboratory services
  • Availability – our laboratory is also open at night and operates 24 hours a day in private hospitals
  • Speed and discretion – a physician’s referral is not compulsory


The Ein Tal Center is considered the leading in the field of private ophthalmology in Israel, with a reputation of 35 years in the field. Ein Tal Centers operate and treat over 60 of Israel's leading ophthalmologists, who perform over 10,000 surgeries in all areas of eye medicine each year

Ein Tal operates Ein Tal Hadassah, a chain for removing the glasses with specialist cornea surgeons and removing top-notch glasses in Israel and around the world

of National Projects

Our size, expertise and love of challenges make us sought-after partners in national healthcare projects. That is why, during the period of the coronavirus crisis, the Israeli Ministry of Health selected us to operate its designated nighttime vaccination stations in various cities, to carry out its vaccination campaign for the Palestinian population at border crossings, and more