About Us

Vision, Purpose & Values



To provide complex logistics services and supplementary logistics services for medicines, medical devices and for clinical trials


To improve the public’s access to high-quality, innovative and personalized healthcare services


To reduce public healthcare organizations’ costs, thereby helping them improve the quality of the services that they provide


To provide physicians and patients with information and tools to help them provide and consume excellent and personalized healthcare services, through the use of advanced technologies


Superior Service & Products

As healthcare professionals, we are very cognizant of the enormous responsibility we have to our patients and clients. That deep sense of responsibility and dedication is instilled in every Novolog employee.


We develop, distribute and integrate advanced, technology-based healthcare services.


We are committed to lowering costs and removing obstacles to ensure that end-customers have easy access to excellent and personalized healthcare services.


In our rapidly evolving world, we are determined to never stagnate and to continue leading the way, innovating and growing.

Integrity & Transparency

The way we do business is no less important to us than the businesses themselves, and we are determined to continue operating with complete transparency and being worthy of our partners’ and customers’ trust in us.


We are experts in our field and work hard to continue being worthy of our reputation as a leading professional group in the healthcare services sector.


Our commitment to excellence is part of the Group’s DNA and has always been our driving force.